Trusting in the mission and vision of my local church community.

Taking the Next Step of becoming a member of Westside is not the same as becoming a member of other types of organizations, even though part of having membership at Westside satisfies a legal requirement.

Typically membership in organizations provides members with a list of benefits. At Westside we turn that paradigm upside down. Our members are the ones who provide benefits to those who attend. Our members join in the mission, the vision, and embrace the values of Westside.

Taking the Next Step of joining Westside on mission by becoming a member is reserved for those who have already declared that they are following Jesus and have been baptized.

If this is your Next Step, then join our next MissionLink. This two-week class, taught by our pastors, shares what it means to embrace the mission, vision, and values of Westside. Members sign a Membership Covenant to commit to being a contributor and not just consumers at Westside.

Read more about MissionLink.

Romans 12:4-5

1 Peter 2:5

 Ephesians 2:19-22