Trusting that God wants us to
join in His mission.

For many, taking the Next Step of engaging in the mission of being a disciple who makes disciples is really BIG. It is actually a Next Step that Jesus had his disciples take very early in their relationship with Him. He promises that He will be with us as we are engaging in relationships with those who may be further away from God than we are. Here at Westside, we embrace the B.L.E.S.S. strategy.

We Begin with prayer, intentionally asking God to help us to identify those people in our lives who are far from God.

We then Listen to those whom God has led us to pray for, hearing their own stories and really entering into relationship with them.

We invite those people to Eat with us, sharing the intimacy of relaxing over food and drink.

We then look for opportunities to Serve them, sharing our time and resources as God leads us.

Finally, we believe that God will give us a very natural opportunity to share our Story with those people, knowing that it is actually the Holy Spirit who has been at work all along and is the only One who can really bring people into a relationship with Jesus. This Next Step is for all—new, old, and in-between—who are following Jesus.

Matthew 28:19-20

Acts 1:8

Luke 10:1-2