Trusting that God wants me to lead others.

Being a group leader has the potential of growing your faith. No one can be responsible to know everything. You only are responsible for what you do know. As a group leader, you will be able to lead others from your own faith experience.

There are many types of groups. There are groups LifeGroups, where people are embracing being in community with other Jesus followers. There are groups that focus on serving others. There is the potential of having as many groups as there are passions, interests, and needs. Taking the Next Step of leading a group can occur as a result of being in a group and intentionally seeing that group multiply from one to two groups. Leading a group can also occur through God giving a passion to meet a need and gathering others who share that passion. Taking the Next Step of leading a group gives the opportunity to multiply efforts and impact many people for Jesus.

If Jesus followers are going to have an impact on our society and our globe, it will happen through leaders who embrace leading others, to include developing others who can also lead.

2 Timothy 2:2

Ephesians 4:11-12

Mark 10:42-45