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Find a Group

We grow in community. Find a group where you will be accepted, challenged and encouraged to take your Next Step in following Jesus so you can grow in your faith.

LifeGroups are groups of 3+ people who follow Jesus together.

LifeStudies are studies to help you grow in a strategic area.

LifeLines are support groups for specific seasons of life.


H.O.S.T. A group

Do you have a HEART for people?
Can you OPEN your home or a room?
Can you SERVE a few snacks?
Can you TELL a few friends?

If so, you are perfect to H.O.S.T. a group. H.O.S.T. groups take the weekend teaching and talk about it weekly. You will be given a discussion guide with questions to help guide the group in a dialogue about the teaching. You don't need to know the answers, just need to ask questions.