So many of us have past hurts, significant hang-ups, and destructive habits. Taking the Next Step of trusting Jesus for our healing can require us to truly recognize that we are not in control of ourselves and must trust God with the control of our lives. When Jesus walked this earth He traveled from town-to-town healing people of their diseases. He showed His care and compassion for those who were hurting. His first disciples also healed others. When we recognize that we need help from Jesus to be healed we are well on our way to being healed. Jesus wants us to trust Him. Healing from Jesus can be instantaneous, or it can be over the course of a lifetime. Regardless, Jesus wants us to daily trust Him with every hurt, every hang-up, and every habit in our lives. Taking this Next Step can lead to a freedom to experience the fullness of life God desires for us.

Matthew 9:35

James 5:16

1 Peter 2:24

Possible next steps to find healing: 

  • Tell A Friend
  • Have a One to One Conversation
  • Join a LifeLine
  • Join a LifeGroup
  • Seek Professional Counseling
  • Go to a Medical Doctor
  • Pray regularly
  • Join prayer group
  • Discover others who have been where you are
  • Consider a Stephen Minister
  • Consider an In-Step Conversation
  • Ask for Help (Click below)