PreK & Kindergarten - Leader Opportunities

Have you ever seen the excitement in a child's eyes when they learn that Jesus loves them?? Or heard a 5 year old recite the month's memory verse, while doing the hand motions? Have you ever just sat down on the floor with a kindergarten child and listened to what that young mind had to say? It is such an amazing thing to be part of watching children learn and develop in their relationship with Jesus and their trust in God! We have weekly, bi-weekly and even monthly serving opportunities in our PreK and Kindergarten classrooms that are open right now! Can you be a part of this? Absolutely! We would love to find people with hearts for children that would like to lead in these rooms. Our curriculum provides everything for you including the activities, crafts, and even what you say! Lessons are organized and emailed each week for the leaders that are signed up to serve. If you would like more information or would like to become a leader in one of these age groups, please contact Katie Miller at 913-704-8375,