Serve Link | July 17

Have you found a place to serve yet? If not, don't miss July 17 as we have our Serve Link. You will be able to discover all the different opportunities there are for you to join us in making an impact in peoples lives. We will give you a detailed brochure and you will have the opportunity to talk to a leader in the area you are interested. 

There are so many reasons for you to find a place to serve. When everyone finds their part and faithfully plays their part we are greater together and we make a bigger impact. But there is a payoff for you. 

You become more like Jesus when you serve. 

You build relationships with those who you serve. 

You grow in your faith. 

You learn new things. 

God uses you in ways you never thought you could be used. 

You are challenged and you can challenge others. 

You are encouraged and you can encourage others. 

You become part of an amazing story that God is writing. 

We hope you find your place to serve and become part of this amazing story.