Kids Promotion Sunday | June 26

We will promote children and students to their new classroom or age/grade level on June 26th. 

If your child will NOT be entering kindergarten or promoting to the next grade level in the fall, please email Katie Miller, before June 26th. The following is a break-down of each room and age group.

Room 1 (Walkers) - Babies that start walking regardless of age. 

Room 2 (Babies) - Babies age 6 weeks and older that are not walking yet.

Room 3 (3's) - Children that are 3 years old or will turn 3 by Sept. 1st.

Room 4 (2's) - Children that are 2 years old or will turn 2 by Sept. 1st.

Room 5 (PreK) - Children that are 4 years old or will turn 4 by Sept. 1st.

Room 6 (Kindergarten) - Children who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall.

The Landing: Kids entering into 1st-5th grades in the fall. 1st-2nd graders are grouped together and 3rd-5th graders are grouped together.

The Loft: Students entering 6th grade through 12th grade in the fall are able to attend the youth service in the Loft.