At the Movies (Week 3) - The Chronicles of Narnia



Forgiveness is costly, but it is the only way to overcome evil.


In 1940, four siblings – PeterSusanEdmund, and Lucy are sent to live with a professor where Lucy finds a magic wardrobe providing a portal to a land called Narnia, where animals can talk. After learning of a White Witch and a perpetual winter, Lucy returns to find that only a few seconds have passed in normal time. Some days later Lucy and Edmund go to Narnia where Edmund is put under the spell of the White Witch, telling him to bring his siblings to her. Next all four children enter Narnia. Edmund goes to the White Witch without his siblings and even though winter is diminishing, the Witch invokes her right to kill the treasonous Edmond. The rightful King of Narnia, Aslan the great lion, agrees to substitute himself for Edmond’s treason. At the Stone Table the Witch kills Aslan, but the next morning Aslan is restored to life because there was a deeper magic that restored to life an innocent killed in place of a traitor. The battle to restore Narnia begins with all four children involved, along with Aslan, and the talking animals. After a great victory, the children are crowned rulers of Narnia and the land enjoys a Golden Age. After 15 years the children find the wardrobe and return to the professor where almost no time has passed.

Just as Edmond discovers that he is trapped by his own sinful behaviors, we all are captive because of sin. We all deserve the punishment that sin requires. It is only because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that the punishment that our sin requires is satisfied. Because of the death of Jesus, we are saved from our sin. Because Jesus overcame death, through Him we now all have victory.

TALK IT OVER (Discuss One or More):

Edmond becomes the key figure in the story. Edmond had sinful desires. What sinful desires are common among people today? In what ways do these sinful desires make people captive?

Read John 10:10. In what ways does Satan come to steal and kill and destroy? What have been your own experiences with spiritual warfare? How does Jesus bring life? How have you experienced abundant life?

How holy is God? How can a holy God associate with sin? Why does sin require punishment?

Read Romans 3:23-26. Make sure you understand all the words used in these verses (look them up if needed). Put these verses into your own words (try writing them down). Now share!

The great sacrifice of Jesus can revolutionize and transform your life. What is keeping you from trusting Jesus? How does trusting in Jesus transition you from death to life?

Other Scriptures to Read:

--Romans 12:1-2                                 --1 Corinthians 15:1-8

--Luke 9:23-26                                   --Isaiah 53:1-12

--1 Corinthians 11:23-26                     --Hebrews 9:11-28