GPS (Week 3) - Mess & Success



Discovering our GPS positions us to pursue God’s direction.


My story: I can’t. Jesus can. I join Jesus.


This is our final week in the GPS series.  While we share a universal calling to become like Jesus, each of us has a unique personal calling that is our GPSGifts, Passions, and Story.  During the previous weeks we looked at our gifts that make us uniquely prepared to serve others and our passions that guide who will receive our service.  This week’s message focuses on our story.  To know where God is leading us, we need to understand our own story.  Because our lives matter to God, our stories matter.  It’s easy to include our successes when we share our story with others, but it’s how Jesus makes our story valuable by writing meaning into our mess that matters.  Sharing our story of brokenness leads others to experience wholeness. We become more like Jesus when we leverage our story for others.

TALK IT OVER (Discuss One or More):

Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. What sort of reception should we expect when we come to God with our “mess”?  What keeps you from seeking God’s comfort in your painful times? How does our brokenness get redeemed according to these verses? How have you seen this in your own life?

How would you explain to someone that to know where God is leading you, you need to understand your story?  What essentials would you include from your own story to help demonstrate this?

What does it mean that, “No one can argue with your story”?

Read Acts 1:8. What comes to mind when you hear the word witness? What does a witness do?  In what ways have you been a witness of what Jesus has done for you?   Where are the places that are easiest for you to share your story?  Where is it most challenging?  Why?

Name some practical next steps that you can take to leverage your story for Jesus where you live, work and play.

Other Scriptures to Read:

--Mark 5:1-20                               --Psalm 107:1-16

--Acts 1:1-8                                   --1 John 1:1-4

--Isaiah 6:1-13                               --Psalm 66:16-20