Arrows (Week 2) - Find the Cadance


This teaching addresses the rhythms in our lives. God desires that we find a rhythm that gives us rest and peace. To achieve this we must seek first God’s priority in our relationships. When Jesus is our priority all our relationships will find their place. By having Jesus as our priority we will be intentional with our spouse, our children, and our family and friends. Having this rhythm and discipline, we will say “yes” to the main thing and say “no” to the many things.

Series big Idea:

Raising children with eternity in mind brings clarity as to how we live toward the target.

Teaching BIG IDEA:

Living in the rhythm that God intends for us is a discipline that leads to the rest God wants for us.

Talk it over (DISCUSS ONE OR MORE):

What are current rhythms that are in your life? Identify healthy and unhealthy rhythms.

As your reread Psalm 127, what additional insights come to you? What does it mean to you that God “grants sleep to those he loves”?

What are creative ways you can establish a regular date with your spouse? What are creative ways you can establish consistent time with your children?

What are ways you can model to your children and to others how to follow Jesus?

If Jesus comes first -- then your spouse, then your children, then others -- what are areas in your life that don’t reflect the priority and rhythm that God desires? How can you fix it?

What are things in my life that I need to say “no” to? What are things in my life that I need to say “yes” to?

Other Scriptures to Read:

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Mark 6:31

Luke 10:38-42