Arrows (Week 1) - Targets


This teaching challenged us to raise children first and foremost as an expression of how we follow Jesus and become like Jesus. Children are a blessing and heritage from God leading us to bring them up in such a way that they are released from us to be used mightily by God, just like an arrow is released from the bow and goes toward the bullseye.  To aim for God’s bullseye with our children, we realize that our children are made in God’s image, that they are blessings (not burdens), and that they are diverse. The bullseye is that we aim to raise our children to follow Jesus.

Series big Idea:

Raising children with eternity in mind brings clarity as to how we live toward the target.

Teaching BULLSEYE:

We aim to raise our children to know Jesus, trust in Him, and follow Him.

Talk it over (DISCUSS ONE OR MORE):

What does our culture value as 'bulleyes' for parents to aim at? How do we define a 'successful' parent? What are specific challenges you have had in raising children?

How are our children made in the image of God? Why does it matter?

Brainstorm practical ways to flip the idea of children as 'burdens' into 'blessings’.

What are our responsibilities toward children who are not our own? How have you seen "It's never too late to influence the children around you" played out?

How can you lead your children/grandchildren to trust Jesus? How can I embrace following Jesus as my own bullseye in life?

How can you apply Matthew 6:33-34 in how you raise children?

Other Scriptures to Read:

Proverbs 22:6

Deuteronomy 6:6-7