This teaching revealed some reasons people avoid community. The irony is we need biblical community for our faith – and lives – to thrive. But in order to thrive, we must understand what it means to belong together.

Teaching Big Idea:

To thrive in my faith, I must belong in a Jesus-centered community.

Talk it over (discuss one or more!):

What are other ways to define community? The teaching defined community as when at least two people regularly gather to love Jesus, become like Jesus, or share Jesus

What are reasons people (you?) use to NOT be a part of a Jesus-centered community?

What are reasons for you to be part of a Jesus-centered community?

Explain how important the truth found in Matthew 18:20 is for Jesus-centered communities.

What are ways 2 people can love Jesus OR become like Jesus OR share Jesus? What about 6 people? 20 people? 200 people?

Other Scriptures To Read:

Romans 12:3-5

Acts 2:46-47