Exodus (Week 2) - Merciful & Just


We are delivered to discover the only true God in Whom we can trust.


In a merciful act of justice against evil, Jesus has taken the punishment for the sins of all who trust in Him and follow Him.


This teaching tackles the significant issue of evil in our world, addressing why God allows bad things to happen. The Ten Commandments allow mankind to become aware of what sin is and that sin is the evidence of evil. God reveals that punishment results when sin occurs. Sin results ultimately in death and happens when we don’t submit to God’s authority and supremacy. While God is just by punishing sin, He is merciful by patiently waiting for people to trust in Him. God’s justice means he must punish all sin, even our own. When Jesus first came, He satisfied the requirement for punishment of sin for all who trust Him and follow Him. Jesus will come again to judge the evil of all who don’t trust in Him.

TALK IT OVER (Discuss One or More):

What current events demonstrate that there is evil in the world? On a more personal level, what are ways that people demonstrate that they don’t submit to God’s authority and supremacy?

What things does God allow that could lead people to question His goodness? Why doesn’t God just eliminate evil? What would you do with evil if you were God for a day? What are the implications of God simply preventing evil from occurring?

How does God deal with evil in a merciful way? How does God deal with you in a merciful way? What are areas that we struggle with regarding how God deals with evil?

Jesus is coming again to judge evil. How should we then live and relate to others?

How can I trust that Jesus will one day deal justly with all evil?

How can I trust that Jesus justly took the punishment for my sins and that He gives me His righteousness?

Other Scriptures to Read:

Ecclesiastes 3:17

2 Peter 3:3-13

Romans 12:19

Hebrews 4:16