Like a Child (Week 1) - Made & Loved



Receiving the life that Jesus offers means accepting His way of life like a child.


I can trust that God made me because God loves me.


This week we look at the value of simple, child-like faith in God’s kingdom. With adulthood comes complexity. Jesus makes clear that God values differently than our culture does. Jesus came to bring God’s kingdom of life to those under the authority of the kingdom of death. Because God made us and loves us, we can trust that our lives have meaning and purpose; that we are valuable to Him. Accepting that God made us because He loves us leads us to life.

TALK IT OVER (Discuss One or More):

What does it mean to have faith like a child?  If you have faith like a child, is it OK to question your faith and what you believe?

Have you ever doubted God made you?  What changed your mind?

What is the meaning of your life?  What is the purpose of your life?  Are they the same?

Read Mark 10:13-14. What value was Jesus giving to children by His response? How would you describe child-like trust? Why would you not want to trust like this?

Read Romans 8:35. How do these words help explain the value God places on His people

Read Psalm 139:13-16. What do you think of when you reflect on God “knitting you together” in your mother’s womb? How might this matter to someone who has been told they were an “accident”? What does it mean to you that God knows you so completely?

Respond to the statement: “Because God made and loves me; I can trust that my life has meaning and purpose.”

Other Scriptures to Read:

--Genesis 1:26-27                       --Jeremiah 29:11-13

--John 15:9-17                            --Matthew 6:25-34

--Colossians 1:15-18                    --Ephesians 2:1-10