What If The Church? (Week 3) - Loves KC By Sharing



What if the Church loves the city by praying, caring, and sharing?


Loving others includes sharing my Jesus story with them.


Here at Westside we embrace the BLESS strategy to love our city. During the first two weeks of this series we talked about Beginning with Prayer and then Caring by Listening to, Eating with, and Serving Others. This week culminates the series by challenging Jesus followers to share their Jesus Story with others. Various obstacles can keep many of us from sharing our Jesus story. We can feel incompetent, but we should realize that we are simply tools being used by God. We can feel distracted and be in a survival mode, but we should realize that we should be content in any and every situation. We can feel afraid, but we must remove fear as an excuse knowing that our powerful God is with us even when we are afraid. Our story should share about our lives before Jesus, about our meeting Jesus, and about our life with Jesus. Paul’s story in Acts 26 gives a great example of how stories can be shared. We are responsible for sharing our stories, while recognizing that we cannot be responsible for how others respond.

TALK IT OVER (Discuss One or More):

Are you a confident person? Why or why not. How does this impact your life?

Have you experienced being stuck in a “survival” mode (dealing with money, loss or grief, challenges at work or school, or some other stressor)? Are you stuck right now? How can you get out?

What are you afraid of? Why?

Of the three obstacles that get in the way of Jesus followers sharing their Jesus story (feeling incompetent, being in a survival mode, or being afraid), is there one that you have experienced? Is there any other obstacle that gets in your way of sharing your Jesus story with others? Explain.

Briefly share your Jesus story. Be sure to include “before Jesus,” “meeting Jesus,” and “with Jesus.” Do you think that sharing your story with those who love and accept you can help you to share with those who are far from God? Why or why not?

Explain the importance of realizing that we cannot be responsible for how others respond to our Jesus story. If we are not responsible for their response, who is?

Other Scriptures to Read:

--1 Peter 3:13-16                            --Luke 24:46-48

--Acts 1:8                                      --Acts 26:9-22

--Acts 22:15                                  --Psalm 107