Unashamed (Week 2) - Shame On Me



The truth of who we are in Jesus removes our toxic shame and gives us courage to be honest with God, ourselves, and each other.


I am enough.


Healthy shame is the result of realizing we are not God and we are limited. It understands that we have boundaries regarding who we are and what we do. Toxic shame is one of Satan’s major destructive forces to distort and destroy our identity in Jesus. Toxic shame causes my inner voice to challenge me in areas that I don’t like and feel that I don’t measure up in. Toxic shame makes us hide these areas from others and from God. Toxic shame creates a deep sense that I am unloved and unaccepted because of something I’ve done, something done to me, or something associated with me. It makes me feel and even believe that I am worthless and alone. It leads us to think that there are prerequisites to be worthy and loved. In other words, the particular area that Satan uses against me can lead me to think that I will never measure up in that particular area. God challenges toxic shame. Trusting in God’s truth that “I am enough” is the beginning of being set free from my toxic shame.

TALK IT OVER (Discuss One or More):

Where have you gone to hide from something or someone? Why were you hiding? Did hiding work?

What were the circumstances of the last time you felt unloved or unaccepted? What about the last time you felt worthless or alone?

Read Genesis 3:1-13. How was toxic shame involved in this story of Adam and Eve? What was the part that Satan played? What about Eve? What about Adam? What about God?

If we have toxic shame because of something we’ve done, something done to us, or something associated with us, we very well may try to hide it from others. What value is there in getting to the point of sharing what we are dealing with? Can you share what you may be dealing with now?

Read Ephesians 1:4-7. What is the prerequisite for God choosing us? How can that lead to our knowing that “I am enough”?

Other Scriptures to Read:

·      Ephesians 1:4-7

·      Luke 8:43-48

·      James 4:7

·      2 Corinthians 12:9-10