Small Steps. Big Difference (Week 2) - Faith



Consistent, small steps often make the big difference.


Jesus becomes alive in me when I read and apply scripture.


When it comes to having a relationship with God, faith is required. In fact, according to Hebrews 11:6, it is impossible to have a relationship with God without faith. Faith develops when people hear the message of Jesus. The message of Jesus is found in scripture. The words of Scripture are the actual words of God and are powerful, having a direct effect through the Holy Spirit. In fact, Scripture can judge our thoughts and attitudes. When followers of Jesus read and apply scripture, Jesus becomes alive within us. The teaching concludes in a practical way by sharing the SOAP method of reading and applying scripture. We first read Scripture, then we have Observation of what was being said, we then seek Application in our lives, and then we conclude with Prayer.

TALK IT OVER (Discuss One or More):

Define faith in your own words. Share a story from your life where you felt that you or someone else had faith.

Read Hebrews 11:6. Explain the verse in your own words. What does it mean to earnestly seek God? What type of rewards come to those who “earnestly seek” God?

Based on Romans 10:17 faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. If you are a follower of Jesus, share how you received the message. Do you know people in your life that have never heard, or understood, the message? How can they hear?

Do you have a favorite scripture verse? If so, what is it? Why is it important to you? How has God used that verse to impact your life?

Explain the importance of applying scripture in our lives. How can applying scripture build our faith?

What is your plan for taking small steps to increase the impact of scripture in your life?

Other Scriptures to Read:

Psalm 119:105

Psalm 119:11

2 Timothy 3:16-17

James 1:22