This Is What We Do (Week 4) - Building Strong Families



We are a gathering on Jesus’ mission to expand His kingdom by loving Jesus, becoming like Jesus, and sharing Jesus with people far from God.


My highest calling and greatest opportunity to make an impact for Christ is within my family.


Westside Family Church embraces the values of glorifying Jesus, reaching spiritual and physical orphans, making disciples, building strong families, and impacting our community and world for good.  Our value of building strong families is reflected in our middle name of Westside Family Church. We believe that strong families are built, requiring individuals to leave their family of origin. Strong families also require love and respect, obedience and honor, and self-control. God has created our family of origin as well as the family of God. While we partner with parents, we build eternal families by seeing spiritual orphans become a member of God’s family. Truly, family is at the core of the Kingdom and to heal our society we must build strong families.

TALK IT OVER (Discuss One or More):

Share about your family of origin. What were the challenges? What were the blessings? What type of legacy or heritage did your receive?

Read Genesis 2:18-25. What can you learn about family from reading this passage? Why did God establish the family?  How is the husband and wife relationship primary? What is the place of parents?

How is Westside Family Church a family? How have you embraced this idea? Is there anything keeping you from going “all in” with being a part of the Westside Family Church family?

How is your family, both your physical family and your spiritual family, your greatest opportunity for making an impact for Christ?

How can building strong families “heal our society”?

Explain the temporary challenges of being in a family, while focusing on the eternal nature of families. How is God a family, within Himself?

Other Scriptures to Read:

1 Timothy 5:8

Ephesians 6:4

Exodus 20:12

Galatians 4:4