May 1: Say It & Do It

Series Big Idea
Modeling Jesus’ teachings builds a stronger family.

Teaching Big Ideas
Families are supposed to be built on trust. Love is built on trust. Trust is built on keeping your commitments.


Ice Breaker

  • Give an example of your childhood family model. What was your family like?
  • How was truthfulness modeled to you within your family?

Scriptures for today include: Matthew 5:31-37, John 4:24, and John 8:32

Observation & Interpretation

  • How important to you is it to mean what you say? How about for others to mean what they say? Explain.
  • Read Matthew 5:31-37. How difficult is it for you to stay true to your word?
  • Why does God care so much about truthfulness? What does the scripture reveal about His character?
  • Describe the significance of faithfulness and the marriage covenant. Why does God value marriage so much?
  • We all make mistakes. How difficult is it for you to be completely open and truthful to God and others when you’ve “blown it”?
  • Read John 4:24. Our words and actions, when done with truth, can be offered to God as acts of worship.
    • Do you think words and actions can still be offered to God as worship, without the presence of truth? Explain your reasoning.
  • Read John 8:32. Tell about a time when being truthful was a freeing experience.
  • Did the experience encourage an increase of truthfulness in your life?

Take action

  • Are there areas in your life in which you are being dishonest in living out your faith?
    • If your answer is “yes”, confess your dishonesty to the group.
  • Commit to repentance. In other words, run from dishonesty and embrace truth. Enlist someone in your group who will follow up with you in the coming week. Be honest with them when they ask you questions.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal areas or patterns of dishonesty or deception in your life. Pray for a receptive heart; one that seeks truth.