April 24: Loving the Unlovable

Series Big Idea
Modeling Jesus’ teachings builds a stronger family.

Teaching Big Idea
I model Jesus when I love those who are unlovable.


Ice Breaker

  • Give your definition or a synonym for the word, ‘perfect’.
    • How do individual responses compare with this idea: “To be perfect is to complete the process of becoming like Jesus”?
  • Describe a way that you have seen others “go the extra mile” for someone else, or do more than what was expected.

Read Matthew 5:38-48

Observation & Interpretation

  • Read Matthew 5:38-39. An “eye for an eye, tooth for tooth.” We’ve all heard this phrase used before, or have used it ourselves. With this in mind:
    • Think about a time when you would have had every right to take this phrase to heart. Did you respond in kind to someone who wronged you, or did you “turn the other cheek”? How did your response help or hurt the situation?
  • Read Matthew 5:43. Sometimes there are people in our life who seem to set on treating us in unloving ways. How do you typically respond to those people? Does your response align with this scripture?
  • Consider this statement: “When I know what God thinks of me, I’m not insulted by what others do to me.” 
    • What is your belief about what God thinks of you? How can I know what God thinks of me (Read 2 Corinthians 5:16-20 – The Message version is a fantastic paraphrase for this passage.)
    • Does this free you from the burden of “getting even” or being insulted by others who wrong you?


  • Think about someone in your life who is unloving toward you. How can you model Jesus by “going the extra mile” or doing more than is expected for that person?
  • Identify someone to whom you are unloving. How can I change my attitude and actions toward this person?

Take action

  • Write down the name of a person who is unloving toward you, or set a reminder on your phone, so that you will pray for this person this week. 
  • Ask your spouse or a close friend to help you evaluate ways in which you may be unloving toward others. 

Pray together as a group.