April 17: The Path of Purity

Series Big Idea
Modeling Jesus’ teachings builds a stronger family.

Teaching Big Idea
Confess I am wounded, protect my heart, and pursue Jesus.

Begin this session in prayer. Consider asking for humility in the face of God’s teachings. Pray for compassion for those among you who may be wounded or struggling with sexual purity.


Ice Breaker

  • Since we’ve started the Model Family series, how have Jesus’ teachings challenged you? 
  • Describe ways you’ve noticed the world around you growing increasingly accepting of sexual lust?

Scripture readings in this group session include Matthew 5:27-30, James 1:14-15, and James 5:16

Observation & Interpretation

  • Read Matthew 5:27-28. In this passage, Jesus says that looking at someone lustfully is equivalent to committing adultery. In light of this statement:
    • Describe how, in this passage, Jesus elevates the standard for purity in our families.
    • Why, do you think, are your thoughts are so important to Jesus?
  • Read James 1:14-15. With this scripture in mind:
    • Are all desires evil?
    • What desires have you pursued that place you out of bounds of God’s path of sexual purity?


  • “My desires are fueled by what I see.” Does this truth cause you to want to change the things you see? Are there areas of your life in which you need to “put up fences”?
  • Read James 5:16. Now, read Matthew 5:29-30. Take a moment of self reflection:
    • Do I need to confess sin that has wounded me and my relationships?
    • Do I need to protect my heart and my family by putting up fences?
    • What next step do I need to take to pursue Jesus and the life He gives, rather than my own sinful desires?

Take action

  • If Jesus has convicted you to confess sin, who will you tell? How and when will you contact this person(s)? Make a plan by setting a date to meet with this person(s). Healing begins with confession!
  • If Jesus has convicted you to change what you see (put up fences), what changes will you make? Write down your new habits and post them where you will see them daily. Discuss these changes with your spouse.

Pray together as a group. Lift up those who have confessed sin and those who have yet to confess. Ask Jesus to bring those who are wounded to a place of spiritual healing.

Healing begins with confession, and is sustained through the power of Jesus. Listed below are resources to help you on your path to purity.