April 3: Model Home

Series Big Idea:
Modeling Jesus' teachings builds a stronger family.

Talk it over

Ice Breaker

1. What trouble have you experienced?
2. What have you built your life on? 
3. Tell about someone in your life who is a role model to you.


Read Matthew 7:24-29

Observation & Interpretation

1. What does this passage reveal of God's character and nature?
2. Identify words or phrases that Jesus repeats in this passage. What significance do you see in the repeated imagery Jesus uses?
3. Give an example or two: who or what has been your foundation in times of trouble? Is this foundation built upon rock or sand?


A wise person practices the teachings of Jesus. Take a moment to examine your own family/life. Identify one or two areas in which you can begin to better model the teachings of Jesus and strengthen the foundation of your family/life. 

Take action:
1. Write these down and post them in a place you will see daily.
2. Discuss with your group what you’ve written down, and ask them to hold you accountable as you practice Jesus’ teachings in these areas.


Pray together as a group.

Read it over

Supplemental reading this week: Matthew chapter 5