By taking this survey, you are helping us know how we can help you grow in your relationship with Jesus by creating opportunities for you to take a next step in following Him.

Survey closes on September 24

We want to know what's helping you grow spiritually, and what's getting in the way. So, we're asking you to set aside 15-20 minutes this week to take our Spiritual Life Survey. 

Here's what you need to know:

  • If you’re on a mobile device or tablet, you will be asked to download an app. Use this link on a computer to avoid the app.

  • All account and survey information is 100% confidential.

  • The survey findings will help shape our decisions about how to create the best possible ministry strategies to serve you.

  • An email, password, and username are required to access the survey. This information is kept 100% confidential. If you don’t have an email you can make one up. (format –

We know your lives are full and often busy. But this is critical to how we serve you. Every submitted survey counts. 

Pass this link along to all your friends who call our church their home church.

On Your Smartphone with the App:

You will be prompted to download the REVEAL- Spiritual Formation App.

  1. Tap your church survey link (via- email, website, or your church app)

  2. Download the app

  3. A notification Prompt will pop up, tap don't allow

  4. Tap Sign Up

  5. Set up your account to access the survey

    1. Enter an Email, & Password

    2. Tap Next

    3. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and a Username

  6. Tap Create Account

    1. Wait as the survey downloads

    2. Ignore the blue prompt and tap the "x" at the bottom of the screen

  7. Tap Start Program at the bottom of the screen

    1. YOUR IN! Begin taking the survey

Steps to take after you complete the survey on a Smartphone:

  1. Tap Finish Program

    • A green confirmation page will load stating Program Complete! This means you have submitted your survey.

  2. Rate the Survey or Skip the rating process (this is not a place for church feedback REVEAL will not pass along this feedback to your church.)

    1. You will be prompted with a question Was this content relevant to you?

      1. Tap Skip - upper right of the screen

      2. OR

      3. Tap Yes or No - bottom of the screen

    2. You will be prompted to rate the survey 1-5 starts (1= bad, 5=good)

      1. Tap Skip - upper right of the screen

      2. OR

      3. Tap the stars to rate the program

        1. Tap Submit

    3. Tap the "X" in the top left of the screen

    4. Tap the colored icon in the bottom right of the screen

    5. Tap Settings

    6. Tap Sign out

When using the same Smartphone/Tablet device for multiple people :

  1. Confirm the previous person signed out. See steps above, listed under Steps to Take After You Complete the Survey on a Smartphone

  2. Navigate to your churches survey link (via- email, website, or your church app)

  3. Tap the link and begin the steps above. Listed under On Your Smartphone with the App


  • Once they have finished the survey, be sure they log out of their account (click the icon in the top right corner, then click "Logout"). Then the next person will need to click the survey link again, create a new account and take the survey. Repeat this process for each person.