Early Childhood - Better Together

Is there anything more precious that watching two three-year-old friends walking around the room doing everything together? They don’t care if they’re a different gender, race, or socio-economic level. They just know they enjoy each other’s company, and that they’re “Better Together.” It’s a joy to watch. God gave us a very precious gift when He gave us the gift of friendship, and we’re celebrating that all month long. We’re even having a friendship day party at the very end of the month. While we celebrate friendship, your preschoolers will hear about David and Jonathan. Their story is one of the greatest friendship stories ever told and truly teaches us all what friendship is all about. Our preschoolers will hear that friends do lots of fun things together. We eat together and play together. Friends take care of one another too. And, friends help one another. Finally, friends praise God together. It’s a month full of friendship! Celebrate each and every of your friends!