Dive In - Early Childhood

We want to make sure our preschoolers know they can ALWAYS trust God. No matter where they go, what happens or who the people are in their life, they can always, always, ALWAYS trust God.

After all, we can always believe what God says. Just ask Noah. God’s the One who will always keep His promises. Noah can tell you all about that too! His way is always best. Yeah, Jonah learned that one the hard way. And God’s the One we can always trust, even when it’s hard. Naaman lived this one for sure!

The true stories of Noah, Jonah and Naaman will help you, me and our preschoolers get to know God a little better and see that He is 100% worthy of our trust. We don’t have to hold back. We can let go and DIVE IN! Because no matter what is happening around us, we can always trust God.